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    The treatment landscape in advanced melanoma has been transformed in recent years with the development of novel pharmacological agents, with a shift towards higher response rates, prolonged disease control and the possibility of cure for some patients.

    This comprehensive interactive module will give you an overview of the available treatments for patients with Stage III and IV melanoma, including the common adverse effects that GPs need to be aware of. It also covers the role of the GP in referring to a melanoma specialist and providing supportive care.

    Matteo CarlinoA/Prof Matteo Carlino
    Medical Oncologist, Melanoma Institute Australia, Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals
    Clinical Associate Professor, The University of Sydney
    Declaration of Interest
    Linda TaoubeDr Linda Taoube
    Lecturer, The University of Sydney
    General Practitioner, Your Doctors
    RACGPThis education is a CPD Activity under the RACGP CPD Program.
    • Recall current guidelines regarding the medical management of people with Stage III and IV melanoma.
    • Identify and address common adverse effects associated with immunotherapy and targeted therapies used in the treatment of melanoma.
    • Review and address the diverse emotional, psychological and social aspects associated with diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of people with advanced melanoma, including referral pathways for psychological assessment and care.
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    Intersting developments

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    Excellent overview

    Easy to understand and thorough

    Dr P R B

    very good general update


    It was great but with a lot of special information regarding the newest melanoma treatment.