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Melanoma Institute Australia
The Poche Centre, 40 Rocklands Road, Wollstonecraft NSW 2065


Appointments for a patient to be seen at Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is by clinician referral only. Please ensure the referral is accompanied with a histopathology report. When making the referral, be sure to advise if the patient has been made aware of his or her diagnosis. Our policy is to ensure that a patient is seen within 5-10 business days of us receiving the referral. When making the referral, unless you have a specific doctor in mind, please make it out to “Dear MIA Surgeon” so that we can triage the referral to ensure your patient is seen by the most appropriate specialist and in the next available time slot. Contact the Institute on +61 2 9911 7200 with any questions about our referral process.

Clinical Care

MIA is an independent, non-profit organisation that facilitates melanoma treatment and care by clinicians who are fully engaged in the clinical, educational and research activities of the Institute. The clinics associated with MIA are not public outpatient services. All patients are billed for their direct clinical care by the private attending physician. Patients referred to MIA’s affiliated specialist medical practitioners are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

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