Practice Pearl 5: Counselling and survivorship of patients with melanoma | 30 min

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    Design Suggestions

    The course is well structured, flows well, and the contents has a considered breadth and depth. However, the course, as it is presented, is not suitable for small screen devices such as a 12"-13" laptop. Reasons: The words are very small and difficult to read. In comparison, the images are large. When zoomed in within the browser, one loses some of the text and the images tend to dominate. However, the use of interactive elements in the course makes for effective learning of major points, and compensates for the burden of details. Finally, the final slide that list article references are important, but the design does not allow for scrolling down to view the full list. It would add a level of convenience for those taking the course to be able to download a list of the references used for the course. The research and content presented are very helpful. Suggestions are mainly on the delivery of the course for electronic devices that have small screens.