Food, Mood and Move in Melanoma | 68 mins

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    Thanks to advancements in therapy, we are now seeing large numbers of patients who are surviving advanced melanoma, and with that comes wellbeing and psychological challenges that need to be addressed. Patients are keen to play an active role in improving their chances of survival while undergoing treatment and beyond, and so clinicians need to be cognisant of their patients’ needs beyond the medical side.

    Dietitian Jane Freeman, Psychologist Michelle Davey and Physiotherapist Carol Morris discuss the role that food, mood and movement has in the holistic approach to treating melanoma patients and survivors, and the role that you, as a clinician, can play.

    This podcast is suitable for oncologists, GPs, nurses and other healthcare practitioners.

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    JaneJane Freeman
    Clinical and Sports Dietitian (APD, ASDA), CANutrition and Melanoma Institute Australia
    MichelleMichelle Davey
    Senior Clinical Psychologist, Melanoma Institute Australia
    CarolCarol Morris
    Lymphoedema and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Melanoma Institute Australia
    DerekDerek Bryan
    Head of Education, Melanoma Institute Australia

    1. Outline the benefits of good nutrition during and after melanoma treatment.
    2. Provide psychological interventions to optimise patient safety and wellbeing.
    3. Describe the benefits of exercise for melanoma patients and survivors.


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