09 April

Melanoma Risk Prediction Tools

Our evidence-based calculators predict the risk of your patients’ developing a first or subsequent melanoma and suitability for a sentinel node biopsy. These clinical tools guide informed discussion about prevention, prognosis and follow up between you and your patients.

06 November

Patients to benefit from updated skin tumour publications

Healthcare professionals specialising in skin cancers, including melanoma, now have access to two publications with the most current information relating to skin tumour diagnosis and management. Both publications – the WHO Classification of Skin Tumours, 4th Edition, and Pathology of …

21 March

Sharing our research on melanoma surgery

The global surgical oncology community is in Chicago this week attending the prestigious Society of Surgical Oncology Annual Cancer Symposium. More than 1,800 health care professionals will be attending the conference, including a number of surgeons and researchers from Melanoma …

21 February

Excision margins for melanoma redefined

Research results from Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) have been used to help define appropriate excision margins in patients with primary cutaneous melanoma. MIA has been working with Cancer Council Australia since 2016 to develop new evidence-based Australian guidelines for the …